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Terms & Conditions


“You” means the client instructing KA. You agree that these terms and conditions apply to all goods and services provided by KA unless expressly agreed in writing otherwise. These terms and conditions supersede and take precedence over any other terms or conditions stipulated or referred to by You at any time. Any references to “services” shall apply equally to goods.

  1. Our tender is valid for a period of 30 days from the date of our submission and is exclusive of VAT, which is chargeable at the applicable UK standard rate.


      2. Prices are fixed until the end of the detailed programme at the date of tender,              after this cost increase will be chargeable at the agreed uplift from the                          suppliers.


       3. In the absence of a formal order / contract you agree to engage KA Electrical               Solutions LTD under our own terms and conditions, as noted in the tender                   basis until such time as a formal subcontract agreement is in place.


       4. It is assumed we have unprecedented access to site for unloading materials                 and will be allocated parking, if parking is not available then any associated                 costs will be passed directly to the contractor or client.


       5. In the absence of a formal written contract an email or written notification                   should be issued to identify your formal acceptance.


       6. Our price is inclusive of a 2.5% MCD and is included on the basis payments                 will be made in 30 days from submission or agreed stage payment and any                 deviation from this will we result in the discount being detracted. No further                 discount will be accepted unless in writing from KA Electrical Solutions LTD.


       7. KA Electrical Solutions LTD will not enter into a sub-contract, without our full               scope of works, tender basis & plant & material pricing schedule issued for                   review and confirmation which will then form the basis and is an integral part               of the subcontract agreement until such time the agreement it will be based                 on our terms and conditions.


       8. In appointing KA Electrical Solutions Ltd you accept all our inclusions and                     exclusions detailed otherwise, no changes shall be made to these without                     formal acceptance from us to you.


       9. No retention against payment will be accepted unless in writing from KA                       Electrical Solutions LTD.


      10. KA Electrical Solutions LTD offer excludes any form of O&M Manuals,                           Collateral Warranties, Professional Indemnity Insurance or any other                             provisions associated with the design.


       11. Only works detailed within our quote have been allowed for and no                               consideration has been taken or assumptions for any subjective works in                       connection with adjoining trades.


      12. All materials referred to within this offer are to be supplied by KA Electrical                   Solutions LTD any materials to be free issued have not been accounted for                   and do not form part of our tender submission and will incur additional costs.


      13. Where materials are free issued to KA Electrical Solutions LTD we accept no                  liability for the for failure to the product and any associated works will be                      charged at the appropriate rate for any or all remediation.


      14. All plant and equipment will remain the property of KA Electrical Solutions                   LTD until paid in full.


      15. Unless specified otherwise all access equipment shall be provided to us for                  completion of the works we have made no allowance for MEWPS, safestand                towers and will only supply steps ladders as part of our normal works.


      16. KA Electrical Solutions LTD has made no allowance for any builders works in               connection with our works unless specified in our quote/tender submission                 including but not limited to: trenches, backfilling, bases, hard standings,                      structural holes, cutting, protection of surface laid cables or making good of                any kind.


     17. No fire stopping is included by us and should be carried out by a specialist.


     18. Unless specified otherwise we have only allowed to remove waste to a                           location on site to a skip provided by the contractor/client and no allowance               to remove rubbish is included within our quotation.


     19. All works have been priced on a working week of 08:00-17:00 hours Monday                to Friday excluding; non-productive overtime, bank holidays and recognised                construction industry holidays, unless they have been otherwise identified                    within our submission.


    20. We have made no allowance for weekend works.


     21. We have made no allowance for out of sequence works unless specified                        otherwise, should out of sequence works be required it will be charged on a                dayworks basis inline with our schedule of rates.


    22. In the event that the works are extended beyond the contract at no fault of KA            Electrical Solutions Ltd then any and all associated costs shall be borne by the            contractor as per our agreed rates.


   23. KA Electrical solutions Ltd accept no liability for loss or damage in relations to             our works and will not be accountable for delays to the programme LAD’s or               LD’s the same.


   24. Our prices are based upon free and unrestricted access to the work areas with              our activities being released / called off in economical and sequential sections            allowing for continuity or a full day’s work.


    25. All electrical works, and workmanship shall comply with the current edition of             the I.E.T. wiring regulations BS7671 and relevant British standards.


     26. KA Electrical Solutions Ltd will only provide certification of all completed                      works when monies owed are paid in full.  


     27. It is our client’s or contractors responsibility to formally notify us, prior to                     work commencing on site, of all and any areas where our personnel may                       potentially come into contact with asbestos, together with what actions the                 client has put in place to ensure that our personnel are not exposed to                           asbestos fibres or related risks.


     28. The client has a further responsibility to ensure that all our plant and                              equipment that may have has been exposed to asbestos fibres whilst being                  installed / stored on site is fully cleaned, decontaminated and certified                          asbestos free by the client’s asbestos specialist prior to return.


     29. All variations to be sent with a formal site instruction before works                                 commence and where additional costs are incurred will be paid as per our                   variation order request terms and conditions.


    30. All works will be in compliance with building control, but we have made no                  allowance for helping clear down conditions as part of our tender or out of                  sequence visits to suite building control visits and these should be arranged                prior.

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