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EV Electric Vehicle charging

Convenient green charging whenever you need it.

Electric cars are slowly becoming normalised, and many families and businesses are considering purchasing an EV.

But in some places, the charging network isn't up to speed, with many motorists finding difficulty in using or accessing a public charging network.

A great alternative is to install a charging point at your home or business. Not only do you have exclusive use of the station, you can often save money over some of the more expensive public charging rates.

There are also a number of goverment initiatives which contribute towards the installation of smart chargers.

As an added bonus, it may also improve the value of your home!

At KA Electrical Solutions, we are available throughout the Medway, Kent and surrounding area's for the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of EV charging stations.

We are able to install a range of chargers from the likes of HyperVolt, Rolec, POD Point, myenergi (Zappi) and Tesla among others.

Whether you have your charger ready and waiting, or you need some helpful advice in selecting the right one for you, we are always happy to help.

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Are you eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Grant ?  ( EVHS )

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) is a grant that provides a 75​% contribution to the cost of one chargepoint and its installation.

The grant allows you to reduce the cost of your homecharger up to £350 inc. VAT.

If you qualify for the grant, we can  take care of the claim for you.

If you qualify for the grant, we can  take care of the claim for you.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme:Customer Guidance

Eligibility information for customers wishing to participate in the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS).

This guidance explains who is eligible to apply for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme and how to access it.

Eligibilty Checklist:

You have dedicated off-street parking.

You have not already claimed the grant for your electric car.

By claiming the grant, you are not exceeding the limit of two OZEV funded charging points per household.